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Unreadable text in the "Playing" tab

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Unreadable text in the "Playing" tab

I'm using Doggcatcher version 1.2.4034 on a Cyanogenmod 10.2 phone.

I have a feed at which has show notes for each track on the show. If I select the show in the "Audio" tab, and select "Description" then I get a white-backgrounded box with the show notes. If instead, I select the "Playing" tab, I get a black-backgrounded box with the links to the tracks on it, which I cannot read.

Would it be possible to either swap the background colour to white, or alternatively, change the foreground colour of the link to something less dark-blue?

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I do have it on the todo list

I do have it on the todo list to change the link color on the dark background, it's currently a dark blue that's pretty hard to read.

Thanks for posting.