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Hello, I've used DogCatcher for quite a while and had purchased the enhanced version and Presto separately.

I listen to podcasts at 3x speed on a low-end phone. The Samsung Galaxy Appeal clocked at 800MHz; CHOKES miserably on your latest update and the audio at 3x is no longer intelligible as it was before the update!

The new DogCatcher seems to be VERY heavy compared to the last revision. I am having to uninstall a host of other applications to keep the audio from skipping at 2x speed where I can actually understand what is being said, but am no longer busting through as much audio as I had become accustomed to!

Is there a way to revert to an old version of Dog Catcher?!

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It's not possible to

It's not possible to re-install previous version of DC after updating from the Play store.

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Out of all the beta testers

Out of all the beta testers we had on this, there was one user with an older phone that exhibited the problem you are describing, but they upgraded part way through the beta.

My guess is that the lesser memory available on the older devices is what is putting strain on the variable speed library. I'm going to be releasing a new version of DC most likely next Friday that will have a lower memory footprint and might help out with this some.