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an alarm function

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an alarm function

yes i know this has already been requested however that was dated in 2009 and nothing has been done ?

see >


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It's still on the list, I

It's still on the list, I haven't received many request for this though.

Thanks for posting.

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Add my voice

I know there's only a few of us, but I think it would be a great addition to the app. Like I've seen on some of the other comments - my alarm goes off and the first thing I do is switch over to Doggcatcher.

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Please, add this feature!

Just imagine, it would be much easier to get awoked with an interesting or funny podcast instead of that annoying and always the same ring tone!
I'd like to choose a podcast-feed and doggcatcher should take every morning another podcast and play it. If there is no new podcast it should take a ringtone.