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Store metadata with episode content.

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Store metadata with episode content.

This is the second time that my phone has freaked out and needed factory resetting, and due to being unable to backup doggcatcher prior to my phone freaking out, all my episode and feed meta data has been lost once again.

It would be really convenient if episode metadata could be somehow stored with the episodes themselves, e.g. when storing the files on an external sd card, keep meta data on the sd card as well.

Doggcatcher wouldn't even need to read from this metadata unless specifically importing.

Unless there is another way of doing this and I just havn't been able to find it.

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You should try the Cloud Sync

You should try the Cloud Sync beta of DC, see FAQ article for information on how to join beta group ( ) There is also a FAQ post on Cloud Sync

Your feeds database and configuration will be backed up & if your phone freaks out again this won't be an issue any more.