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Sort Order, Play Order -- virtual feeds

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Sort Order, Play Order -- virtual feeds

This sort order and play order thing is torturing me. I try to listen to a podcast when I work out for an hour to use my time wisely, but I spend so much time fiddling with the play order I don't think I'm saving any time at all. I can never get it to play right so every time a file ends I have to stop, unlock my phone, open DC and find the correct next file.

What is the best way to handle this? I frequently have MP3s to listen to, usually a dozen or two.

I've tried:

- changing the filenames from random titles to 01, 02, 03, etc.

- naming them a, b, c, d, etc.

- copying them over one by one, so the time stamp is in the same order.

- using the up arrow and down arrow button for display sorting.

- adding them to user-created playlists.

I have spent so much time on this it makes me feel sick. Is there a tutorial, or can someone explain how DC determines the sort order. The actual podcasts pretty much seem to work fine, but the virtual feeds made by me copying files to the phone NEVER seems to play right. They often play backwards of filename (4 > 3 > 2 > 1) Tonight they all have numerical sequence names, and are all in numerical order in the list, but playing in some order that is not numerical.

If I go directly into the feed, the files play in a jump around order (not even bottom to top).

The DC interface says that virtual feeds are sorted by filename.

If I go into Audio>Playlist and they are playing backwards, like 4,3,2,1, how do I reverse that?

What's the secret to virtual feed play order?

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The the easiest thing to do

The the easiest thing to do is create a category for your virtual feeds, assign that category to all your virtual feeds, then add a dynamic playlist that includes that category, then set the play order on the playlist.

Once you've got all that done, the playlist should manage itself and play all the episodes in the direction you like.

It would be a bit easier if you could configure the sort order existing virtual feeds playlist but we've still got that on the todo list.

Thanks for posting.

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Timestamp only? Filename possible?

Thank you for the reply, Eric. I've fiddled with this for a while, and it appears my only choice is file timestamp (oldest first or newest first), is that right? Since the timestamps of these various MP3 audio courses are usually, but not always, in order, I write a script to rename them so they are all in numerical order by filename. Like this:

001 - introduction.mp3
002 - installation.mp3
003 - converting from previous versions.mp3
004 - getting started.mp3
005 - your first config.mp3

The timestamps of the files are usually roughly in the right order, but unpredictable, and almost always out of order for a few of the files, so I really need to go by numerical filename.

Is it possible to play a virtual feed by filename order?

If timestamp is the only option, does it sort on seconds, or just minutes?

If timestamp is the only sort I have, what are my options for handling this?

- 1. Create a fake blog

- 2. Write another script to change the timestamps

- 3. Wait until you get to that item on your todo list

I guess, for now, the best solution is to create another script to fix the timestamps.

I like the dynamic playlist based on category. That's pretty excellent. Now I can switch from one virtual feed to another, just by checking the category. Excellent! If you could just add "play order = filename" to the dynamic playlist, my prayers would be answered.

Actually, an option to "play by filename order" for the virtual feeds themselves would be nice, too, but I've done programming, and I'm just guessing that it would be easier to add the option to the dynamic playlist.

Thanks man! I love doggcatcher. I've been using it for podcasts for many years. Although the virtual feeds have left my head spinning, playing and managing actual podcasts has been awesome.

And actually, it seems that virtual feeds are a natural progression for somebody that uses podcasts to learn while working out.