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Time span to rewind on resume

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Time span to rewind on resume


I try to find a setting for the time span to rewind on resume, like in MortPlayer or BeyondPod, see screenshots at

I have the problem that usb connection break up some times with my car radio and I takes some time that my smartphone and DoggCatcher recognize this. After a while the connection works again and playback continues.

But there is a gap between what I was able to listen and where DoggCatcher continues to play.

So I want a option where I set up a time that DoggCatcher rewinds before it starts playing.

Is this feature already available?
Where do I find it?

Otherwise this log it as feature request.

Thanks in advance.


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DC Audio Settings

In DC's audio player settings, you can set the rewind or fast forward seconds (In the DC Menu,Settings)