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Ability to download only on certain WiFi connections

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Ability to download only on certain WiFi connections

I think there needs to be a way to further limit which Wifi connections it is allowed to download on. Not all Wifi is created equal.

My scenario is that I plan to buy a Wifi only Android tablet this weekend and plan to move DoggCatcher there from my phone. There will be times when I will use the Wifi hotspot capability of my phone so that my tablet can get online when I have no Wifi (which includes at work since there is no open Wifi there). But when I do this I don't want DoggCatcher to start downloading just because it is on Wifi.

A similar scenario would be someone with a Mifi or similar device.

I think it would need to be a way to enter a list of SSID's which you are not allowed to download on.

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Sounds reasonable, I created

Sounds reasonable, I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.

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Would you mind revisiting

Would you mind revisiting this request? I turn on my phone's hotspot when I get to work, and my tablet then automatically downloads any new podcasts that turn up while I'm there, it can turn into a pretty large amount of data used. Thanks!

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I think this is an important

I think this is an important issue. There is a reason android allows users to ID certain networks as hotspots. DC ate up a tenth of my monthly data plan in about one minute because I assumed it would look for this flag.