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Recent UI update

I received some great feedback about the UI changes in the last release. I'm still not done going through the app making UI improvements, there are still a few areas left to cover.

There were also some comments about things that could be improved and I'll try to get them worked out in the next release or two.

Feed/Item titles being truncated - The titles are truncated rather than wrapping lines as they used to.
Green font being too light - The green font under the item titles is too dark on the dark theme.

Version 1.1.1823 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000669: [Miscellaneous] Update UI for all rows of all screens (added light dark theme)
  • 0000738: [Miscellaneous] Advanced downloader should be default for new installations
  • 0000754: [Bug] Crash when pressing on items in downnload queue, feed screen, or search results screen (market reports)

Version 1.1.1789 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

Please see this FAQ article regarding new permissions that are required

  • 0000744: [Miscellaneous] Ability to use external player or stream to internal player by default for audio - closed.
  • 0000650: [Feeds/Items] Ability to import feeds from google reader/listen - closed.
  • 0000719: [Miscellaneous] Feed diagnostic troubleshooting in app - closed.
  • 0000655: [Miscellaneous] Sorting a virtual feed by date should sort by the filename - closed.

Version 1.1.1740 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000720: [Miscellaneous] HTC Legend with 2.2 does not remember play position - closed.
  • 0000721: [Miscellaneous] Feeds hosted using wordpress with a spam module (bad behavior) blocks DoggCatcher (E.g. Dogear Nation) - closed.
  • 0000621: [Miscellaneous] Deleting media for a virtual feed should also delete the item - closed.
  • 0000702: [Miscellaneous] Change delete context menu on item to 'delete' media - closed.

Version 1.1.1707 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000186: [Player/Media] Ability to schedule a time for feed updates - resolved.
  • 0000659: [Miscellaneous] Ability to move a feed by specifying the destination - closed.
  • 0000052: [Feeds/Items] Support feeds with redirects to enclosures (use advanced 'downloader' in preferences) - closed.
  • 0000694: [Bug] Upgrades defaulted to play audio on headset connected until user entered preferences screen (should be off by default) - closed.

DoggCatcher turns 2

This is a few days belated but DoggCatcher just turned two years old on November 6. That is two years from when the first beta hit the Google Market.

My expectations have been exceeded in many different ways. It's been a joy working with the users and the beta testers. Most of the features that people really like came from other users/testers. Everyone has been extremely patient as we've been riding out the bumps in the early stage of the app.

Version 1.1.1668 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000393: [Miscellaneous] Ability to set a sleep timer - closed.
  • 0000549: [Player/Media] Preference to start audio when headset is connected - closed.
  • 0000652: [Miscellaneous] Change media player error notifications to go away when pressed on and also display the feed and item title in the notification. - closed.
  • 0000685: [Bug] Headset connect screen does not work on HTC Incredible and HTC Desire - closed.


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