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Version 1.2.2122 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

This release adds Variable Speed Playback.

It is at an EXPERIMENTAL stage. You can enable variable speed in Preferences/Audio.

If you have issues or feedback, please go to the support forum and read the variable speed sticky post. Please do not send emails to support regarding variable speed.

This feature does require the purchase of an Android audio library called Presto. Once this feature is enabled in the preferences, you'll see a 1x button in the media player. Click on it to get to Presto in the Google Market.

Support for Android 1.5

Since DoggCatcher was first created over two years ago, it has always been compatible with every available version of Android. After some experimenting with Honeycomb (Android 3.0), I've learned that it won't be possible to enhance DoggCatcher to support tablet specific extensions while at the same time maintaining support for Android 1.5.

I'm sorry to say that very shortly, I'll need to drop support for Android 1.5 which makes up 1.4% of DoggCatcher users.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes existing DoggCatcher users on 1.5.


Beta testers - thank you

I want to take a minute to thank the beta testers for the work that they are doing.

They are all off in a private forum testing my buggy software, taking their personal time to write bug reports and test the fixes for me. They are not on staff here, and do it for the benefit of all the other DoggCatcher users. There are some beta testers that have been actively doing this for *over two years*. That's truly amazing.

So I want to say thank you, sincerely.



MSNBC changed the addresses for a bunch of their feeds. I removed the dead addresses from the directory. Users can search for the new feeds in DoggCatcher and re-add them to the feeds list.

Version 1.1.1904 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000807: [Miscellaneous] Ignore downloader preference (all downloads will use advanced downloader) - closed.
  • 0000692: [Miscellaneous] Increase space for rows when in landscape mode (display header buttons to right) - closed.
  • 0000422: [Miscellaneous] Organize the preferences screen - closed.
  • 0000809: [Miscellaneous] Next button on media controls and widget should play next item when auto-play is off - closed.
  • 0000772: [Miscellaneous] Set category creation dialog to capitalize first letter - closed.

Version 1.1.1881 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000785: [Miscellaneous] Dark theme should use a dark progress bar for items that are in progress (currently too light) - closed.
  • 0000672: [Miscellaneous] Add support for international characters in feed and item description popups - closed.
  • 0000787: [Miscellaneous] Reorganize the menu on the feed screen based on frequency of use - closed.
  • 0000768: [Bug] Date sorted playlist fails in certain circumstances - closed.

Version 1.1.1851 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000037: [Feeds/Items] Categories for Feeds - closed.
  • 0000637: [Bug] Date sort can fail on app start when a large number of items are in the playlist - closed.
  • 0000767: [Bug] Preview feed screen spinner is always spinning - closed.
  • 0000703: [Bug] Moving a force download to the top of the queue clears the force download bit - closed.

Version 1.1.1848 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000763: [Miscellaneous] Ability to see complete feed and item titles - closed.


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