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Version 1.2.2811 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Video and news screens should show the feed image once in a header, not next to each item
  • Enlarge media buttons when now playing drawer is open
  • Search button should ignore long presses and pass them along to OS
  • Support for Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS/4.0)
  • Decrease memory usage for feed thumbnails
  • Notification when audio focus is lost should link to web page with details.
  • [Bug] Download failure displays a notification with "DL failed: null"

Version 1.2.2755 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Add refresh | add feed | filter button to feeds screen
  • Ability to manage categories from menu on the feeds screen
  • Audio playlist should update after the SD card is mounted (otherwise it could be empty)
  • Add pause button to notification (Honeycomb only)
  • Display a helpful message on screens when there are no rows, like when the audio screen is empty
  • Heartbeat icon should be replaced with something that has a dogg in it.
  • [Bug] Deleting a feed while it's updating caused a dead-lock

Version 1.2.2724 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Add global setting for sorting items within feeds
  • Add support for aac media as supported by the Android media player (no DRM)
  • App should not require touchscreen to display in market
  • "About" menu takes a long time to load because SD card usage is being scanned
  • Drop support (future updates) for devices running Android 1.6 and 2.0

Version 1.2.2668 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000453: [Miscellaneous] After returning to DC, the screen displayed should be the one last viewed
  • 0001035: [Miscellaneous] Support for GoogleTV
  • 0001032: [Miscellaneous] Update header UI
  • 0000070: [Miscellaneous] Stop downloading when space threshold is reached
  • 0000687: [Miscellaneous] Ability to adjust the media player volume whenever DC is active
  • 0001015: [Miscellaneous] Show important application actions on the action bar on tablet

Support for Android 1.6/2.0

We will be dropping support for Android versions 1.6 and 2.0 shortly in order to maintain compatibility across the large number of devices on the Android platform. This will affect 1.2% of DoggCatcher users (1.6 and 2.0 combined).

What this means to users on 1.6/2.0 is that you will no longer be able to receive new versions of DoggCatcher. If you have DoggCatcher installed on your device, it will continue to work just fine and you should always be able to access to most current version supported for your device.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this causes users.

Version 1.2.2570 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Playing an item in a virtual feed when the active playlist is not the virtual playlist should display a warning
  • Virtual feeds should recursively search for files in the configured directory
  • Hide directories from the display of virtual feed contents
  • Hide files that start with . from virtual feeds
  • Support sorting of a virtual feed's items
  • Improve ease of adding and using virtual feeds
  • Ability to configure the directory that a feed uses for media storage

Looking for beta testers for virtual feeds

We are making some significant changes to the virtual feeds in the next release.

If you commonly use virtual feeds and would be willing to help out to test the new features and provide feedback, we would love to have you join the beta group.

You can do so by creating an account here and emailing the username to beta at and I'll get you set up.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Version 1.2.2513 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

    - 0000041: [Playlists] User managed playlists
    - 0000054: [Miscellaneous] OPML Export
    - 0000985: [Miscellaneous] Improve UI of now playing drag out screen
    - 0000979: [Miscellaneous] Backups/Restores should use the storage directory if configured (if you have changed your storage location preference, please do a backup after this update to save a backup to the new location).


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