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Thanks to all the DoggCatcher users out there

We just broke 10,000 downloads a couple days ago.

I'd like to thank all the users that are using the app, rating the app, leaving market comments, and most of all, participating here on the site. Getting user feedback is so critical to getting bugs squished, and getting features added in the right order. There have also have been quite a few really good ideas that I would not have thought of on my own.

I do my best to respond to every issue or question on the site, so if you have something to contribute, please do'll be heard.

Thanks once again.

Twit podcast updates, then un-updates

This is the second week in a row, we noticed some strange Monday morning behavior.

The TWIT Podcast updates sometime during the early Monday morning hours, on Wifi. Then the phone moves to the cell network, fetches an OLDer version of the feed and un-updates. This can be verified by accessing the feed URL from the Android browser while on the cell get the old feed.

I read an article mentioning that T-mobile has caching servers for their mobile networks, sounds related to me. Maybe the caching servers are lagging behind the real feed.

Problems reported in Google Market?

Some users have reported the following problems in the Google Market. If you are experiencing any of these, please let us know so we can gather some more information from you to get it resolved. The Google Market comments doesn't allow for long enough comments to get what we need to reproduce the problems.

-Trouble downloading podcasts (stalling)
-Failure to install update

Please also let us know which version you are using.

Many thanks.

DoggCatcher Review - AppVee

DoggCatcher was reviewed over at AppVee. Looks like they reviewed one of the earlier versions -

Missing in Google Market


Ok, we're back. It seems that DoggCatcher was half way published and got stuck, but Google support got it squared away, and we were able to republish the new release.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Some of you have noticed this already...DoggCatcher is missing from the Google Market.

During an upgrade last night, we vanished. We're working with the good folks at Google to get the app published again. We hope to have it resolved tonight.

What's a Podcast?

Here's a good video explaining the basics of Podcasting.


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