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Sleep timer

A few users have contacted us about finding the sleep timer. This feature used to be in the application menu but can now be accessed via the button with the clock icon on the 'Playing' tab.

Version 1.2.3131 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Move sleep timer from application menu to an action button on now playing tab
  • Ability to add feeds by category
  • Set the 'Screen on during downloads' preference to be enabled by default
  • Pressing on the download queue notification should take you to the download queue in the app
  • Display different graphics on feed screen depending on whether done episodes are shown/hidden
  • Increase the height of the tabs (they are too easy to miss)
  • Increase the max item limit from 500 to 1000

Version 1.2.3111 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Add an action button on audio/video/news tabs to toggle the display order of episodes (does not change play order)
  • Change terminology around feed sorting - replace 'sort order' with 'play order'
  • Replace some menu actions with action buttons (top right)
  • Show feed configuration in header of feed screen
  • Add a 'hide done' action button to the header on feed screen
  • Audio playlist should update after a feed is updated (or has its feed options changed)
  • Reorganize preferences
  • A few bug fixes

Version 1.2.3065 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Always return to the tab that was most recently active (across exits and restarts)
  • Displays poorly on some medium size tablets
  • Update widget size to match honeycomb/ics
  • Episode text on download queue screen wraps when it should display on one line
  • Add an action button to configure feed options on the feed screen
  • Add a splash screen
  • Update seekbar UI
  • Bug - Crash viewing and addiing some feeds on android 2.2 and earlier
  • Bug - Play audio on bluetooth headset connect does not work on ICS

Version 1.2.2949 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Support for http digest auth
  • Create a different notification icon for download success/failures
  • Redo now playing screen UI
  • Preference for agressively listening for headset buttons
  • Remove html escape characters from episode titles all over the place
  • Pressing on feed status area (right side of feed) should display update errors and diagnostics warnings
  • Storage directory preference should use file chooser instead of the user typing a path
  • Feed update status dialog should close when touched

Version 1.2.2919 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Updating feeds should retry failures
  • Simplify doing multiple searches when adding feeds.
  • Change terminology (media -> episode, item -> episode/article).
  • Audio focus lost notification should try to guess which app is stealing the audio focus.
  • Display an indication on an episode about what will happen when you press on it rather than what state it is currently in.
  • Pressing on the right end of a feed displays a dialog with feed details/legend
  • Pressing on top of app should move back one screen

CM nightly builds broke seekbar positioning

I have had quite a few reports from users that the DoggCatcher progress bar no longer works when playing audio with the CM nightly builds. I was able to reproduce this with a CM nightly build. I'm going to see if there's a way for me to work around this but I'm not sure if I can yet.

In the mean time, if we could narrow down the exact CM nightly build that was the first to be broken, I'm sure that would help out the CM guys.

Version 1.2.2867 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Improve UI style of rows on all screens
  • Replace blue now playing handle with draggable now playing title
  • Now playing arrows on sliding drawer should point down when drawer is open
  • On feed screen, display last updated time for feed rather than pubdate (since the publishers rarely provide one)
  • Handle backup/restore on devices that mount internal storage as /mnt/sdcard
  • Change default feed identifier to GUID if they exist
  • Improve speed of feed parsing
  • Adding detailed logging of feed updates


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