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Looking for testers for built in variable speed on Android versions 2.3.3-4.0.3

If your device is running Android versions 2.3.3-4.0.3 and you would like to help test out built in variable speed audio playback, please join our testing group. Details for joining are here.

Feed summary numbers

We've received quite a lot of feedback about the colored numbers that summarize the feeds (new and in progress). A number of people liked the change but there is also a good sized group that finds the numbers harder to see when scrolling through the feeds.

Firstly, I appreciate everyone taking the time to give feedback about the changes. That's how we know what you like and don't like.

DoggCatcher Fundraiser for the Electronic Frontier Foundation raised $2090

I would like to thank all of you that participated in the fundraiser this weekend. Special thanks go out to the users that have purchased DoggCatcher, whether it was during the fund raiser or at any other time. We would like to also thank and other blogs/people that increased awareness of the fundraiser (like lifehacker).

With all of your help, we were able to raise $2090 which we just passed along to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Version 1.2.3244 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

Version 1.2.3216 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • 0000507: [Video] Ability to sort video list with oldest at the top - closed.
  • 0001253: [Miscellaneous] Widget should update after a phone reboot (and become generally more reliable) - closed.
  • 0001265: [Bug] User playlist is not saved when the order is changed - closed.
  • 0001260: [Bug] Long pressing on episodes does not display correct 'flag as' options if sort order has newer at top (big arrow up) - closed.

Version 1.2.3173 Released

A new release has just been published to the market.

  • Add support for ICS lock screen media buttons
  • [Bug] Audio tab's feed thumbs sometimes do not scale to proper size (also on the download queue screen)
  • [Bug] Swiping right from audio to playing tab displays 'feeds' in the header instead of 'playing'
  • [Bug] DoggCatcher can fail to resume playing audio when it was paused temporarily by another app while device is low on memory


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