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Why am I experiencing problems when after my device has been upgraded to Lollipop (Android 5.0)?

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We have been receiving reports from multiple users about problems relating to pausing audio files.

Pausing an episode stops audio playback but the episode continues to play silently. DC's media player controls will update the current position as time passes even though nothing can be heard.

Then one of two things can happen:
-If the episode is resuming before the end is reached, playback resumes where the episode was paused
-If the end of the silently playing episode is reached, DC will select the next episode to play and delete the completed episode if auto-delete is configured

This isn't occurring for everyone and no one has been able to identify any repeatable steps to reliably re-create the problem. If you can, please contact support so we can try to come up with a workaround until the problem is fixed in a future release of Lollipop.

Confirmed on Nexus 5 build LRX21O
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