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Feature Overview

Mission - we want you to spend your time enjoying podcasts.

By actively engaging with users and frequently releasing updates, we are able to continually improve DoggCatcher in order to provide the best experience possible.


  • Lifehacker finds DoggCatcher to be "The Best Podcast Manager for Android"
  • Android Central's Editors' Choice podcatcher of the year
  • Android Central's Readers' Choice runner up podcatcher of the year


  • Easy to subscribe new podcasts/feeds
  • Auto download and cleanup of media files
  • Offline playback of audio and video
  • Customizable audio playlists
  • Supports devices of all sizes
  • Highly configurable
  • Build in variable speed playback
  • Home screen widget for easy access to playback controls
  • Feed categorization


  • Automatically updates feeds on your schedule
  • Automatically download new media
  • Automatically deletes media

Add feeds by

  • Browsing Top 100 DoggCatcher feeds
  • Personalized reccomendations
  • Searching podcast and news directories
  • Importing from OPML

Integrated Audio/Video Player


  • Audio playlist for continuous play of new media
  • Video/News playlists for easy navigation of new media

Community and support


  • Battery/data plan friendly - can limit downloads based on network/power connections
  • Media download queue can be viewed and managed
  • Bluetooth support (A2DP/AVRCP)
  • Supports authenticated feeds (username/password)