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Audio playback stops unexpectedly

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Audio stops and displays a notification mentioning audio focus

DoggCatcher displays a notification when another app has requested audio focus and Android revokes the audio focus from DoggCatcher. At this point, DoggCatcher must stop audio playback.

Audio Focus is something that is managed by Android to allow only one app to play audio at a time. When an audio app (such as DoggCatcher) plays audio, it first requests audio focus.

Audio apps should only do this when they are responding to user input, like pressing on a media button in the app. But sometimes apps do this at other times, some seeming completely random.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell which app is taking audio focus away from DoggCatcher aside from closely monitoring what apps are installed or updated when this behavior starts.

Audio stops with no notification

This means that Android has killed DoggCatcher. Android will do this when there isn't enough available memory for DoggCatcher to continue to operate. This can be usually remedied by uninstalling applications that run in the background. Some devices running Android 5.0 can leak memory that can only be recovered by rebooting your device.

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I received a notice that another app is requesting access the 'Audio Focus'. Could you please let m me know who this is? Thank you for such a great app, my email:
Thanks again,
George West